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A story about love at first sight:

HLAA Updates & Important Information

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Happy Holidays from the Hearing Loss Association of America Midlands South Carolina Chapter & community! Although we sadly couldn't get together to celebrate the holidays this year, we are wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday and a happy new year.

Attached to the right is how to sign "happy holidays" in ASL. 

Hearing Loss Specialists

​​Good for you. You’ve noticed you’re not hearing as well as you used to and have decided it’s time to have your hearing tested by an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. That’s a smart decision. Untreated hearing loss can put you at risk for a variety of other health-related problems, such as depression and cognitive decline. 

Wonder Woman open caption tickets on sale now for Dec 26th, 3 pm.

Definitely encourage you to get them early! Pre-sales for that movie will be heavy and not all regular prints are on sale yet.

You CAN request a refund BEFORE the show online if you end up not being able to attend.

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Captioned Movies at AMC Harbison is running once again! Don't miss out on the screening times above!